Christine & Will : Engaged!

I've know Christine and Will since high school- they both graduated before me and we always one of the older, wiser, better, (add admiring adjective of choice here) "older kids." So when Christine contacted me to talk about wedding photography, I was really excited & slightly intimidated- but mostly excited! We had originally planned to do the session this past summer at the Penn State Campus, but the forecast called for rain and we decided to call it off! I'm not sure if it did end up raining that day, but it certainly rained the day we ended up doing the photos- and it was COLD, but can you tell by looking at the photos? I can't- they handled it like pros, and I'm pretty sure when the wedding comes around, we'll be prepared for just about anything ;)

Congratulations, Will & Christine! You guys are seriously one of the cutest couples ever. Will, you sure can bring out Christine's natural smile, and it's apparent that you're both crazy about each other :)

After we took these shots, we tried to get some photos under a vine-covered archway... it was REALLY raining, and I was trying to shoot (in focus and not blurry) while Will & Christine were just trying to look like they weren't cold and soaked... it was quite an adventure, so we decided to dry off and try a new spot across campus :)

Save the date! And a picture of Christine's gorgeous rock to end the session... good choice, Will!

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