Custom LayFlat Guest Books

One option I offer for couples who do their engagement photos with me is a custom LayFlat Guest Book. Basically, I take the couple's favorite images from their engagement session and design a book showcasing them. It's an individualized & purposeful way for couples to share their engagement photos with their wedding guests!

It's hard to tell in these photos, but the paper used in these LayFlay Guest Books is a "pearl" paper, so it has a slight pearlescent sheen. I personally think this adds an extra touch of class over matte paper! 

Notice that I leave plenty of space for guests to sign. The LayFlat Guest Book doesn't have to be used as a guest book- it can also be used purely as a photo book! I guess in this case it would simply be a "LayFlat Press Book." I can design a book around any session, not just an engagement session. The LayFlat Press Book option is more affordable than the wedding albums I offer because the materials aren't as high quality or durable, but the LayFlat Books are still a beautiful product that will showcase your images in a unique way. 

The pages of the LayFlat Guest Books are printed on a thin and flexible paper, as you can see above. The printing process used is press printing, which is less expensive process than that used for the higher quality wedding albums I offer. However the press printing is perfect for a guest book since it's going to get written on, and the photos still look vibrant and crisp. 

The LayFlat Guest Books can be personalized with one of 13 leather cover options, so each couple can choose a color that suits their taste or fits their color scheme the best. The book in these examples features a leather cover in "espresso."

All LayFlat Press Books are 20 pages long, and the book in these photos is 12x12 in size and $150. Smaller sizes may be ordered-- pricing for these smaller sizes will be given upon request!