Rachel & Zack : Engaged!

Rachel and Zack have sweet, quiet way of displaying their love for each other. I saw it most in the moments when I wasn't giving direction or taking a photo-- in the way Zack looked at Rachel when I wasn't watching (or maybe he didn't think I was watching!) and in Rachel's response to a silly face Zach made or a loving poke he would give her in the side. They can stand in a field holding pink hearts together and be just as comfortable dressed in camouflage and holding guns together, which leads me to believe they're truly a compatible couple that will compliment and simply enjoy each other on this walk through life! I can't wait for their May wedding, which will be taking place on a family farm- I'm sure it's going to be every bit as gorgeous yet down to earth as this couple is! Enjoy these favorites from their engagement session :)

An outfit change and a pair of cowboy boots to share the news!

Next, we searched for a place to do some shots with the guns. Don't worry- they were unloaded! However, a college campus and town don't exactly have the best places to bring out some guns... we found an overgrown patch near the highway to take some quick shots. I felt like we were going to get arrested at any moment, but it was all in good fun :)

And a smooth scoop by Zack to end the session! ;)

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