Zack & Rachel's Rustic Barn Wedding

The first time I met Rachel & Zack, I knew they were a unique couple. They have this quiet & tender way of communicating with each other that I don't see too often. They're mysterious. They're deep. But you sense that they know each other inside and out, and there is a fierce sense of loyalty and devotion between the two of them. It's a beautiful thing, and made them such a joy to observe on their wedding day. Rachel (a self-proclaimed perfectionist, kind of like myself) did a wonderful job coordinating the transformation of her childhood home into a festive and welcoming ceremony & reception location. The overall theme of the day was rustic & personal. From a bridal party group photo with guns to a garter toss that involved a football, Zack and Rachel's wedding celebration boldly reflected their creativity! It was an overall fantastic day, and I hope these images convey that!

Rachel- the bride, just to re-clarify, played many roles on her wedding day. From putting on her sister's socks to curling the hair of one of her bridesmaids... it took a while for someone to finally realize that she should actually be the one having these things done for her! If anything, it just testifies of her kind & giving spirit ;)

Before the ceremony, we had plenty of time to capture some portraits of Rachel, who looked stunning with her long curls and fitted gown. 

The flower girl (Cammie) was absolutely hilarious.  She was SO excited to be the flower girl, but I think she got a little nervous and tried to hide it by acting exasperated. She literally took fistfuls of petals and threw them to the ground. When she got to the end of the aisle, she looked into her basket at the remaining petals, shrugged, and turned her basket upside down to shake them onto the ground. I don't think anyone who witnessed it didn't break out into laughter! 

Does anyone else love this cake and topper as much as I do? So different, yet so classy, rustic and pretty!
In fact, the whole dessert set-up was simple and beautiful.

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