Three Months (or 12 weeks)

When I look back at pictures of this baby, I can hardly believe how much he's changed. I used to think he was cute... but now I think he's even cuter than he used to be! He smiles, he's just starting to laugh, and he makes the funniest faces. His current nickname is "Pork." I'm not sure how that one started, but he is getting to be quite plump... so it's an accurate description of him! A few fun facts:

1. He's wearing a size small in the Green Mountain Diapers fitted workhorse but he also fits the medium... to those of you who know this size reference!
2. We currently love our size 2 Capri by Blueberry diaper cover. 
3. Finley is still exclusively breastfed- thank you Lord for giving me milk & endurance!
4. This baby is a WONDERFUL sleeper. He is out like a light at bedtime (12am in this house) and will sleep straight through until about 6:30/7am. After he eats, he's back to sleep until 9/10am!
5. He loves to look at faces and interact with people. He's come so far from the days when I wondered if he was blind and deaf!
6. Finn still has zero interest in any sort of toy, but he likes looking at the flashing lights on his bouncer!
7. We still use his swing every. single. day.
8. He loves his pacifier. We might try to start weaning him off it...
9. Overall, he's a genuinely good baby. He rarely cries to any reason other than to tell us that he's hungry, tired, or lonely! So thankful.
10. He's got some crazy dry skin going on! We stopped bathing him so much and it's improving, but any natural remedy recommendations would be great. It seems like a mango butter/beeswax combination really helps it heal!

Overall, we are loving life with a 12 week old. (It makes him sound less old to say 12 weeks rather than 3 months!) Our lives have changed drastically, but at the same time, we've finally found our "groove" again. I barely remember what it was like when there were only two of us, and to be completely honest, I no longer long for those days. This little man has been a blessing in more ways than I fully realize yet.


Tay Oman said...

Hi, my oldest had the same problem with his skin. So we only bathed him every three days which helped IMMENSELY and I use a lotion bar made of Shea, coconut and cocoa butter that I make from scratch. It works great!

Tierney Cyanne said...

Tay Oman thanks so much for that tip! We actually just started using a simple lotion bar with pretty much those exact ingredients and it already seems to be helping! I think this one is unrefined beeswax, coconut, shea, cocoa butter, jojoba, mango... pretty much any moisturizing thing that exists! :)

stella said...

Could he be any cuter?