Jude Turns One! The Racoski Family

I have been terrible at blogging lately. Actually, I'm not sure I was ever very good at it! I tend to update my Facebook page much more often than I do my blog. The thing is that blogging takes time. And I'm not sure I have too much of that to spare these days! Once the REALLY important things like changing my baby's diaper and returning emails are done, I move on to the secondary things like eating and maybe washing my hair every now and then... and if there's time left after that I edit my little heart out so that my wonderful clients don't have to wait a year to view their photos, and then if I have a super day with plenty of excess motivation, I do this thing called BLOGGING! (Hmm maybe my priorities are slightly mixed?) The funny thing is that today I switched the order up... nothing else is done, but I'm posting! And now my baby is crying, so I better make this quick.

Mallory, Mike, and Jude are such a cute little family. It's always fun to help the "I'm not sure I'm going to be good at getting my picture taken" people relax and hopefully even have a little fun! I think they did a great job. I like to make my family sessions a mix of interaction & "posed" shots, not only to get variety, but also to help everyone relax enough to reveal their true smiles. Enjoy :)

P.S. For the photographers out there... this session was the perfect mix of backlighting and front lighting? (I'm not sure of the technical term for front lighting!) The "dreamy" looking photos utilize backlighting while the "contrasty" photos utilize front lighting. It's always fun to experiment with different lighting and figure out what flatters your subjects and suits your personal taste & editing style. I'm personally a front lighting lover- when I have the choice, I like to position my subjects at the edge of a shady area with their faces towards the light source. It just produces photos that suit my personal preference and I love how it really makes them stand out and avoids unflattering shadows on faces!

That one above cracks me up. Classic family photo! 

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