Pat & Danielle: Expecting!

When Danielle contacted me a few months ago to schedule a session to document her pregnancy & (soon!) her and Pat's new baby boy, I was so excited. Not only was this the perfect opportunity to gain some more experience shooting two sessions I've specifically wanted to do more of, but it was a chance to reconnect with someone I've know for a very long time!

Many summers ago, Danielle and I spent endless hours at a beach in NC getting burnt beyond belief (or maybe that was just me?), eating popsicles every chance we got, and basking (from a distance, of course) in the attention we got from the military guys on the beach/base that were WAY (way, way) too old for us. I'm not sure how proud I am of that last part, but I'm just being honest! Had anyone told either of us that not even 10 years down the road we'd be expecting out first babies, I bet we never in a million years would have believed you. In fact, I'm not sure I would have WANTED to know even if I could have. That would have been entirely too shocking, and although I believe we're both so excited to welcome these new little lives into the world, knowing full well that ours are both about to be eternally changed... sometimes things are better left a surprise until the right time :)

Pat & Danielle, I hope you enjoy these photos & find a few favorites that you'll always have around to remember the days leading up to the birth of your first son! Danielle, you look adorable preggo. I know from experience that pregnancy is definitely a time in which you have to learn to embrace your body in a new way- for the hard and amazing work it's doing at growing a human being. Can't wait to see you guys again in a few weeks to see what your baby boy will look like & what he'll be called! 

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