Feeling Skinny

I always wanted to do one of those "pregnancy progression" charts, the ones where you have someone take a picture of you every month in the same pose throughout your pregnancy and then you put them all together and see the progression and smile/gape at how your body changes. Joey and I did this semi-successfully for about 3 months, and then I realized that it caused more arguments than it was worth (Joey behind the camera and impatient pregnant photographer wife trying to still be in charge = trouble) and we stopped. So this is about the best I've got in terms of comparisons! The first was taken in mid-October, when I was about 16 weeks pregnant, and the second was taken today... when I am 38 weeks pregnant!

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and forget I'm pregnant. I'm not sure how this is possible, but it happens. I've been having a lot of moments lately where I underestimate how "protruding" my belly really is and try to squeeze through spaces that LOOK appropriately big, but that actually aren't. Sometimes I only knock things over or simply don't fit into the space- other times I rather awkwardly brush strangers & acquaintances in often inappropriate places with my stomach. You kind of learn to work around this massive extension of your body. For instance, yesterday when I was taking my contacts out I was leaning my hips against the bathroom countertop for a while, and the baby was kicking like crazy. After about 10 minutes (no, it doesn't take me that long to take my contacts out- but I always notice things about my face that I need to address immediately when I am taking them out and therefore it turns into quite a lengthy process) I realized that I'd been resting my body weight against the poor little baby's head. I had a huge countertop-edge indent where my hips/belly/baby's head are, and I felt really bad. Live and learn!

The organic cloth diapers & prefolds have been washed no less than 5 times and are now sufficiently absorbant & ready to be put to the test. I no longer have any shirts that cover the lower 2 inches of my stomach. Joey has already set the infant seat up in the car, and we've been driving around with it properly installed for about a week now. AND, we have a name!!! It's time!

The official due date in April 3, but this little boy could really come anytime between right now and about a month from now. I'm really (really really) hoping it's not a month from now. Seriously, let's not even go there. Any guesses on when he'll make his appearance?! I should give away a prize for the person who guesses the closest due date & birth weight! So cast your guesses and let's get ready to experience something beautiful and crazy :)

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