Adam & Tenleigh: Engaged!

Adam and Tenleigh's story is a unique one. In short, two years ago, my older sister (Tenleigh) arranged to buy tickets to a football game from someone who had posted them for sale on Craigslist. Sketchy as that sounds, she met this man (Adam) at a gas station with a friend to exchange the goods. The transaction was brief and smooth, and everyone soon parted ways.

Yet something had clicked in Adam. Although this was completely out of character for him, he dialed up my sister's cell phone number (which he knew only to arrange the details of the meeting) just moments after they parted and asked her to go on a date. My sister, though slightly skeptical, also did something out of character that evening-- she accepted the offer.

Well, the rest is history! And in September, the two plan to unite in marriage in a Chicago, IL ceremony. I am so excited to say that I will be a bridesmaid (can't wait to experience her wedding without photography duties... something that doesn't happen often) and equally as excited that the fabulous Maggie Fortson (click here to see her work) will be there to document the day!! Enjoy a few of my favorite shots from their December engagement session.

P.S. I tried something new with these photos- I selected "sharpen for screen" when I exported them from Lightroom. I definitely think they look crisper, but I can't tell if I like that better or not! Thoughts, anyone?

Think he's excited? :)


Ella Daniels said...

gorgeous! that's all I can say. I love the colors, but love that black and white one too! I cant to be in the wedding too!

Holly said...

Ahhhh! I love love LOVE these pictures! Tierney - you did such a wonderful job catching the love and bond between these two!

Tenleigh Ayers said...

I still LOVE these pictures and hold them near & dear!!!