Lisa & Jason : Engaged!

Hurricane Sandy threw off our initial plans for a session- but I honestly think it ended up working in our favor! Jason, Lisa, and Allie made the trip to Athens, PA (yay, you guys are officially more cultured!) on a perfectly warm & sunny fall day a few weeks ago for this session. When Lisa contacted me this summer about wedding & engagement pictures, I knew she was going to be fun to work with. She was open, energetic, and warm in her emails- and even more so in person! I actually went to high school with Jason, and it's an amazing opportunity for me to be able to work with those I "kind of" knew back in high school as a photographer. It's great to see him and Lisa so happy and excited about the future- I can't wait for their wedding next August. For now, enjoy a sampling of their engagement photos! 

Jason and Lisa have a daughter (Allie), and take my word for it- she is PRECIOUS! 

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