Liz & Matt : Montdale Country Club Wedding

Liz has know my husband Joey for a long, long time. When she asked me to photograph her wedding, I was honored! It was a great opportunity to get to know Liz, and so fun to share in the day with her from start to finish. Photographers definitely have an advantage in that regard, in that they have the chance to experience a wedding on the front line. Liz & Matt put so much effort into all the little details of the day, and it paid off. From the hand-crafted seating "snowflakes" at the reception (check them out- Liz proclaimed them to be her pride and joy) to the inclusion of special people in the ceremony & reception, it was a day that everyone was able to enjoy! 
Congratulations, Liz & Matt! 

We were joking about being in Narnia when we took these photos; between Liz's wintery cape, the snow, the cold, and the lamp post... maybe we waited a litttttle too long to capture these- it was pretty dark shooting them! At least we had our "Narnia" lamp for some ambiance light :)

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Aunt Laurie said...

BEAUTIFUL Tierney! You really captured some great moments during the day. I love the emotion caught within each photo!