Rachael & Justin : Engaged!

We shot Rachael & Justin's engagement session on their four-month-engagement anniversary. And if anything, they're excitement for being engaged and soon to be married has only multiplied during those four months! I would hear Rachael giggle to Justin throughout the session, "...We're engaged! We're getting MARRIED!" It was so sweet  to hear, and a reminder of how even the months leading UP to important life events can and should be just as cherished as the "big day." Life is made up of a whole lot of these kinds of days, and Rachael & Justin reminded me that in my own life, even though I want SO badly for my baby boy to be here today, tomorrow isn't a promise-- cherish the moments you have right now! And enjoy these pictures of these spunky, four-month-engaged cuties :)

Rachael, you have the most gorgeous eyes- the color is amazing!


Nan said...

The pictures are just wonderful, you two look so happy!!!

Jean said...

So incredibly excited for both of you.
You both look great.