New Stuff!

Christmas came early here at the Johnson household! I'm not so sure my husband is as excited about our new "stuff"... a Canon 50mm 1.2L, 2 Canon 600 EX-RT flashes, and some new CF cards. Yay! Just what he asked for, right? I've been testing out the new gear and so far have nothing but good things to say about them- Liz & Matt's wedding is this weekend, and I'm sure they'll be getting plenty of use there!

My other 50mm (Canon 50mm 1.4) literally bit the dust- I was hoping to get the Canon 135mm 2.0, but I can't function without a good, standard lens length like a 50mm! Necessities come first :)

Flashes... not the most exciting thing to purchase, but they can make the world of a difference at a dark reception, adding light, depth, and flair! These brand new 600 EX-RT flashes are made to work optimally with the Mark III, but they function just fine with the Mark II. There's no need to invest in transmitters and receivers if you're using one of the flashes right on your camera- they're built right in! Pricey, but I've heard they're well worth the investment and more reliable and other off-camera-flash methods!

Last, but not least... memory! I only use SanDisc cards right now, but more by default than by choice. I've somehow just acquired them, if that makes sense! I decided to give these much less expensive but equally as well liked Kingston cards a try. So far, so good!

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