Custom Packaging

I love cute things. I had a friend in high school (Ms. Amy Peteritis) who wrapped everything beautifully- when I would comment on how PRETTY her gifts always looked, she would say something along the lines of, "It's all about the presentation!" 

I desire to present something special to my clients when they order prints or products, so I've been working on my packaging lately. Joey helps keep me grounded. If I were left to my own whims, I would probably get carried away and send all my prints in extravagant, over the top packaging! But he reminds me that "People are ordering prints- not expensive packaging." Still, that doesn't mean my packaging can't look nice! I've tried to take a few steps in the non-extravagant-yet-still-cute direction. Here are a few things about my packing that I'm proud of:

-The yellow boxes are sturdy and don't contain any kind of logo- in other words, they're ENTIRELY reusable! Use your yellow box to store something special or to send a gift after you've framed & distributed ALL your prints (like many of us actually ever get around to doing that, right?!). They're much too neat to simply toss- I hope my clients feel the same way about them that I do :)

-The ribbon packaging slides off easily, so it won't ruin the box in the process of taking it off or putting it back on.

-It's FUN & PERSONAL! How special is it to receive your order in something cute? I always try to include a handwritten note of appreciation, because I LOVE my job and my clients essentially allow me to keep growing and working in photography!

Now, here's how I achieved this look:

Boxes : H-B Photo
Stickers : WHCC
Tissue Paper : Wal Mart Gift Section
Ribbon : Wal Mart Craft Section

I can't say my packaging is exactly what I want it to be, but for now it works- I'd like to stay away from black, but I haven't had a chance to shop for some good ribbon in the perfect color of blue (I'd love to have yellow, blue, and grey as my main colors), so I settled on this thick black ribbon that I layered with a black & white striped ribbon.

I wouldn't order the stickers again, or I'd at least repurpose them! I intended for the stickers to be used on the outside of the box, over the ribbon, but it didn't look "right" to me, and I decided to use them to seal the tissue paper. The only issue is that the tissue paper rips when its opened for the first time, and that's no fun! Ideally I'd like to order some stationary with my business name & some space for a personal note, but that's still in the works. I think I need to settle upon colors & a logo before I go all out  with these things! 

Feedback? Send it my way! Questions? Feel free to ask :)


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