Joey Goes to School

Yesterday my baby boy (aka my husband) had his first day of school. In actuality, it was probably his 18th "first day" of school, but it was just as adventurous as you'd expect a first day to be... 

First, we woke up early- around 5:45. Joey proceeded to go stand in the shower for 20 minutes while I remained in bed, wiggling as far as I could into the crack between the mattress and wall in order to get as many extra precious moments in bed as I could manage. It didn't work too well-- Joey still found me and, as he likes to say, "scraped me" out of bed. I am not a morning person. 

Next, I stumbled around the kitchen while Joey packed a variety of objects and belongings into his camouflage bookbag. It just occurred to me that we'll probably be the parents who send our poor child to school on the first day with a camouflage bookbag, since it's illegal to do this in a public school and all.

ANYWAY, Joey crunches down a bagel burnt to a crisp while I lie on the couch. As he's getting ready to walk out the door, I ask him if he should bring a lunch. "Oh, yeah!" he says, and proceeds to open a kitchen cabinet and pour the contents of a box of "Dinos & Sharks Fruit Flavored Snacks" into his camouflage bookbag. He then places the empty box neatly back into the kitchen cabinet.

Later that day, I walk into the living room to find Joey drying his notebook with my hairdryer. Apparently the cap on his water bottle came loose and wrecked havoc on his brand new notebook with 12 pages of notes. We managed to salvage it... but of course this would happen on the first day of school, right? Perhaps it was a result of a lack of nutrition- Joey brought exactly 6 packets of gummies to tie him over from breakfast at 6:15 until he came home around 3:30. He did make an honest effort to get food at McDonalds-- until I texted him letting him know I'd found his wallet (and all his money) on our bedroom dresser.

Just another day in the Johnson household... and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Take note of the wedding band. I told him he'd better flash that at the beginning of class to deter any crushes that might blossom over the course of his 6-week chemistry course! And in case you're wondering, yes, the lab goggles are necessary for doing chemistry homework at our kitchen table. You can never be too safe! ;)

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pinky said...

what a day! hes such a good sport with all the picture taking u do!