Weston & Britt : Married

Weston & Britt had the most low-key, stress-free wedding I've every photographed/been to/heard of. It was awesome. When I arrived at the church, Britt's details were waiting for me. It was literally perfectly calm- no one was running around finishing last minute tasks. In fact, no one was around in general and the wedding was only about 2 hours away. Now THAT is what I call preparation!

When the girls arrived, they chatted and relaxed for a while. Every hair was in place, and there was a feeling of anticipation but not one of nerves. I was in awe over how peaceful everyone was! Once everyone started getting ready, the day began to move quickly ahead...

Is anyone else as in love with Britt's feather hairpiece as I was? It makes me wish I'd worn something in my hair on my own wedding day!

Before the ceremony, we had time to capture some portraits of Britt and her bridesmaids. I apologized to Britt for staring at her so much- she just looked so stunning! And her bridesmaids were so helpful and sweet- can I just say that I adore small bridal parties even if for the sheer simplicity of photographs!

Meanwhile, the guests had begun to fill the church, and the ceremony began shortly after. I love the image below of Britt and her bridesmaids walking up to the front of the church from the basement. They were like a mini parade- all the locals were standing in their front yards yelling words of encouragement and congratulation!

After the ceremony, we captured some pictures of the bridal party & newly weds, where the groomsmen took the "casually interacting" pose to a whole new level. It was pretty amusing!

The reception followed, where we experienced dancing of all sorts... some slow, some fast, and all equally as captivating- whether because of the heartfelt nature of, say, the father-daughter dance or because of the comic effect of a very tall groom dancing a very intense "shuffle." Experience the latter was probably the highlight of my week! 

Britt & Weston, I hope you had a fabulous honeymoon! Your wedding was a true pleasure to photograph (seriously- I was not stressed out at all- that's epically awesome). I hope you cherish and  enjoy each other every day :)

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