Natural Light Photography

Sometimes I contemplate opening a studio... like, a physical studio, where I can set up lights and backdrops and shoot in PREDICTABLE conditions and probably cut back on a lot of the prep time that goes into scoping out locations and considering lighting when planning a session. But then I shoot outside on a summer evening when the sun is just SO incredibly rich, and when I see the photos I know that I'm a natural-light girl... nothing else compares (quoting Coldplay here). Seriously, when I think back on the most peaceful & profound moments of my life, they're lit something like this... and I know, at the end of the day, that this style of photography is simply indispensable. (Disclaimer: I'm NOT trying to discredit studio-type photography! I'm just in love with natural light-- I have MUCH respect for those who have mastered the art of the studio style!) Thoughts, anyone?


Mary Marantz said...

such pretty light!!


Tierney Cyanne said...

Thank you, Mary! And thanks for the comment :)