The Papson Family

Could this family be any cuter? I was so excited for this session- I know Brent (the dad) from school and couldn't wait to meet Ashley and Caden! Families are often the trickiest to photograph (in my opinion), especially when young children are involved, and this session was no exception- but as Ashley commented when she saw a few preview photos, "It even looks like Caden was being cooperative!" Success? I think so :) I laughed so hard when I was editing these just recalling the storyline of the evening and of Caden's unpredictable and endearing antics. It went a little like this...

First, there was the issue of the hand holding. You see, Caden wanted to hold his mom's hand- and only his mom's hand. Check out that scowl! Poor Brent- he took it all in stride.

Props to Caden for the cool purple effect that I love (he was being my assistant at this point and his purple flower got in front of my lens) and to the sun for the haze... a love evening sessions. The richness of the sun adds a magical, almost surreal quality! Thanks so much for a fun session, Papson family, and I cannot wait to meet little Colin in June! :)

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