When Lindsay contacted me about doing some portraits for her, my first reaction was, "Yes! She's GORGEOUS! Can't wait to photograph her." I soon found out that Lindsay, like me, really dislikes getting her picture taken. Candids are one thing- scheduling a session in which the sole purpose is to take pictures of you is another. We laughed during the session at the fact that she didn't really have an in-between face; she was either smiling or giving her best "serious face," which she would always interrupt to ask (the question of the day), "Do I look angry?" But when I sat down to edit the pictures, I found that she DOES have an "in-between" face, and that it's beautiful! And when she saw the final product, she said, "They look so much better than I thought they would!" I assume she meant that she didn't intend to like them very much- they're formal portraits, after all, and I smiled knowing that the purpose had been accomplished. We came, we shot... and we conquered. All in a day's (45 minute's) work. Win! :)

Lindsay, you're fabulous. Thanks for a fun and mutually confidence-boosting session :)

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