A Tea Party

My "tea party" bridal shower was this past Saturday, and I just wanted to share a few pictures I snapped between the cups of tea and conversations with friends I haven't seen in far too long! My mom and grandmothers prepared the finger foods. It was delicious- everything from traditional cucumber sandwiches to chocolate covered strawberries, a classic favorite.

We played some games...

And, of course, sipped on some tea! We even had sugar cubes. Everything seems more lovely when sugar cubes are involved!

We used a variety of different chairs for the ladies to relax around tables in. It added a whimsical, charming feel, and I loved how it looked. It took the collective effort of a few households, but it was well worth the effort. I have a few bruises acquired as a result of carrying too many chairs at once to show for it!

Yellow forsythia and apple blossom branches rested in Mason jars. Tea-light candles flickered alongside the cheerful flowers.

My grandma Nancy made this banner for us. Ironically, "Just Married" and "Joey Tierney" have the same amount of letters. Expect to see this one again at the wedding; we'll just use the reverse sides!

It was an absolutely wonderful shower. Everyone was so generous, and I'm so grateful for all who helped, came, and enjoyed!!

And of course, a few pictures with my best friend and maid of honor to commemorate the day! 

And finally, a few shots of me taking advantage of the wind and a fun skirt :)

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