Cute Baby Toads

May I introduce my soon to be nephew, Toad. Ok, so his name is actually Joey, but his family affectionately calls him "Toad" and it has been agreed upon by many that he's among the cutest of baby boys in this world. Jen (my best friend and maid of honor) and I went to Joey's older sister Audrey's house today (Toad's beautiful mommy), and after doing a trial run of wedding hair and makeup, I had to take out my camera and chase him around! I think he has a little crush on Jen... it must be her blonde hair. I hope you enjoy this little cutie :) His family loves him sooooo much, and my mom has gotten in on that love, too!

And a meltdown to end the day. He's teething, and I almost feel guilty for taking a picture of a crying child, but I couldn't resist!

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