Lacey, and an Ode to Portrait Love

I love portraits. If I could pursue only one "field" of photography, I would choose portrait photography. There's something so exciting about photographing the human face. I love going through the images after a session and choosing the ones that exemplify the beauty and unique characteristics of that person. It's a joy and an honor to edit and share them. And knowing the person in the photo is just an excited as I am about the final product is the ultimate reward. I hope they'll be treasured for generations, a true replica of an individual as he or she was for a brief moment of time.

I've known Lacey for four years, but we've only recently become good friends. And let me tell you, it's been such a blessing! I know the Lord has brought us together to encourage each other, even as both of our college days continue to move towards an end. She is like a breath of fresh air, and we had such a good time doing some portraits today. 

Lacey, you are stunning! Your eyes are the most gorgeous color and you're very photogenic. I only had one or two "blinkers" -- the term we gave to photos captured mid blink. We had a few good laughs over that word!

I've realized that if I ever need to lighten the spirits at a session, all I need to do is attempt to hold a 45 inch reflector and shoot at the same time. FYI-- it doesn't work too well, but it adds some comic relief! We ended up ditching the reflector and were completely fine without it. I don't usually shoot in the middle of the day, but we found a shady grove on campus (literally a dried out ditch) and worked it! 

This picture cracks me up... I hope you won't be too upset that I posted this one, Lacey! I climbed up a small mountain side (we were very adventurous today) to get this shot, and as you can probably see, it was not a success; it was a liiiitttle bright!

And I'll leave it with this one above... nothing else needs to be said :)


ChristyJ07 said...

Tiereny.. you have such a gift. These pictures of Lacey are breathtaking. You captured Lacey's personality beautifully! She has amazing eyes and the pictures really show them up. =) Love, Love, Love these pictures!
-Christy J.

Tierney Cyanne said...

Christy- Thank you so much! Lacey is SO easy to photograph... she's full of life AND has great bone structure! I love your comment, thank you for sharing :)