Holly and Gary: An Overdue Wedding Post :)

I photographed Holly and Gary's wedding way back in September with my future mother-in-law, Connie Johnson! I never did an official blog post to celebrate their marriage or their pictures... so here it is! It was a beautiful fall wedding, and Holly and Gary spared nothing when it came to handcrafted and meaningful touches. I'll admit that I shed my fair share of happy tears just watching them interact with each other throughout the day. By the way, it literally poured rain the entire day, but I didn't hear one complaint from anyone. How encouraging! Holly and Gary, thank you so much for your trust and support. I'll  always remember you both fondly as I pursue photography as a career, and I can't wait to photograph you and your baby this summer! Enjoy :)

Because of all the rain, we set up another session to do some outdoor shots. Holly looked exactly the same and every bit as beautiful. It felt like deja vu! Holly and Gay's aunt and uncle not only allowed us to use their gorgeous farm, but helped us out throughout the whole shoot. Here are a few images we captured that day...

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