Carpe Diem (Sieze the Day)

Spring break just ended, and I arrived back on campus Monday afternoon feeling a little overwhelmed. It's really hard for me to make transitions, especially when it comes to my routine and lifestyle. At home, I have few obligations and responsibilities. At school, I have quite a few. Switching up the two literally leaves my head spinning!

The upside of the mental chaos I experience right after a transition is that I realize how quickly seasons of life pass, and how many ordinary things make each stage unique and worthy of reflecting upon.

For instance, salads are something unique to my being a student at Susquehanna University. I started eating them when I was a freshman back in 2008, and have eaten one for lunch almost every day since (and I cringe at all the plastic waste I've created in the process).  These salads represent the lifestyle and opportunities I have right now, only in this season of life (things much more important than salads). In a few short weeks I will be graduating and getting married. It's easy to wish the days away with those exciting events to look forward to, but something as simple as a salad causes me to pause and consider my life in the midst of a much greater purpose. Psalm 139 tells us this:

Every day of my life was recorded in Your book,
     Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

Isn't that beautiful? I know the Lord has placed me here at SU for a reason, with a plan for each and every day. I have grown tremendously since coming here 4 years ago, and though it took a while to realize and is frighteningly easy to forget, it was always the Lord's plan for my life. Though it seemed like a disaster at first, and though the transition nearly broke my heart (and mind), I wouldn't change a single moment of it because I know it led me to who I am now...

... and who am I now? Just a girl, as broken as every other girl in the world, who has realized her brokenness and who has found healing and purpose in Jesus Christ. I guess nothing else really matters :)

So this leads me back to salads. Today I ate one, and took a few pictures to commemorate it. May I "Sieze the Day" the Lord has given me, always remembering that tomorrow isn't promised, and that today has incredible potential.

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