Ashley & Michelle

I'm pretty sure you would think we'd found a hidden forest where fairies and such things live, but in reality these pictures were taken next to a busy road during rush hour as parents were picking their children up from intermediate school! Awkward? Yes. But we overcame! It's so funny how a picture really can take you to another world, as the viewer. It was a gorgeous day and I had a lot of fun during this short session with Ashley & Michelle! They needed a picture to use for their recital posters-- music students do a performance to show off their skills before graduating... it's a big deal and they just found out that they passed their hearing and have the go-ahead to perform under the name of SU's music program. I can't wait to see which one(s) they pick, but here are a few of my favorites from the day :)

And as an ending note, I truly love portraits (as some of you may already know). I had to grab a few before we ended, and absolutely love the ones I got. The amazing (and potentially creepy) thing about being a portrait photographer is that I really get to see a person's face up close, and it amazes me how beautiful people are with all the little details that make up a face. Ashley & Michelle, you girls are no exception! Both so pretty in such different ways. 

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