A New Camera, a New Beginning!

Hello! Well, I am officially the owner of a Canon 5D Mark II. Let me just say that it was SO worth the money, time (hours and hours) spent researching and consulting, and many calls to my bank/fraud detection analysis to verify that yes, I WAS indeed trying to buy something expensive from an online dealer. Thank you Lord Jesus for opening up this door of opportunity, and may it glorify You! And thank you to my darling Joey Johnson for helping me with the investment!

I did my first round of headshots with the new camera today and was absolutely thrilled with the results. The lens (a Canon 50mm 1.4) also contributes immensely to the final result. The most amazing thing is that I even when I zoom in 100% in Photoshop I find that the detail that level is still absolutely fantastic. Here's to a full frame sensor!! I am in camera heaven :) Here are a few shots from today. Michael has a great sense of style and was very fun to work with. He said thanks, and I thanked him right back for giving me a reason to take pictures of things other than my feet and random objects in my room!

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