Devotional: Singleness and the Desire to find Earthly Love

CP: I had read in an article before of how you dreamed of marriage but you had to hand over that control of your dream to God. What advice do you have for all the single girls who are still waiting and how do we practically practice waiting and trusting in God fully?

St. James: I think there’s a real delicate balance that God calls us to when we’re single. I don’t think he calls us to put our dreams on the shelf to the level that we’re just dead to it because then we’re not being true or honest. I think God calls us to come in our vulnerability as singles to God and say ‘Lord, I long for this, I really desire to be married, but I trust you with this dream.’
It was probably five years ago or so that I felt God was calling me to hand over my dreams to him on the level that I almost had to grieve the possibility of not ever marrying; grieve how that would feel if I never got married. And to commit to God that I would trust him even if he required that of me, which just seems like the ultimate in sacrifice.
But I think what ended up coming on the other side of that was this peace; that if he knew there was some reason why it was better for me not to be married, and I didn’t know the reason but he did, I would just trust his heart and continue to serve him and be looking to him for that love and encouragement I needed.
We can really learn a lesson while we’re single in just relying on God for what we need, not looking to a guy for that, but also being in touch with our heart’s desire as well.

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