Jeff and Olivia : Engaged!

I've known Olivia for a few years-- we met in a college chemistry class in 2010. She (the bio-chem. major) somehow got stuck with me (the random music major) as a lab partner in what was apparently a pretty hardcore bio. course. Not surprisingly, I lasted a total of two miserable weeks in that class before dropping it. I'm pretty sure she and our other partner were pretty happy when I made that decision... science and Tierney do not mix. Whenever I was involved in an experiment (which, I kind of needed to be in order to get credit), our data ended up REALLY messed up, and it was always my fault. That is not an exaggeration. 

I saw Olivia walking to church one Sunday morning and later found out that she's a believer. One day Olivia and I struck up a conversation after Thursday night worship, and it became VERY clear that our meeting was anything but accidental-- the Lord had a serious plan to use us in each others' lives! Many lunch dates, late nights of candy eating, and spontaneous Goodwill trips later, we've both grown immensely in so many ways. And now Olivia is soon to be married- three years ago, I NEVER would have imagined us both married!

As far as Jeff and Olivia go, I must take some credit for their introduction ;) When I was a single lady back in 2010, I did something uncharacteristic and signed up for a week-long leadership ("Leadershape") retreat through my college. I asked Liv to come, too- I didn't really know who was going and was nervous to go alone! She, being much more willing to do things than me, immediately agreed to go. She met Jeff there, and the rest is history...

So, enjoy their engagement photos, and look forward to their March 2013 wedding! I'm so happy for you both, Jeff and Livvy! Thanks for letting me be part of your relationship in this special way :)

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