Baby Johnson, Coming April 2013!

Yes, it's true-- our little family of two is about to become a family of three! We've been thinking of a way to announce it, and yesterday while visiting our friends and their new baby boy, Gavin, this picture/caption idea popped into my mind, and we went with it! (Thanks for letting us borrow your adorable newborn, Crystal and Alex!) 

We're so excited about this new chapter of our lives-- morning sickness and tiredness aside! I'm currently a little more than three months along and the due date is April 3, 2013. I'm planning on continuing to work with photography up through the winter, though I will (understandably) avoid booking weddings closer to the due date. I'll take some time off in the spring, but plan to start up again in mid-May-- I'm sure it will be an adjustment to leave my newborn behind as I travel to weddings, but I'm up for the challenge.

Praise the Lord for this new addition- we are so, so very happy :) AND, I'm started to feel less constantly nauseated, and that is a very nice thing ;) 

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Bryan said...

Congrats! That's awesome! I'm really happy for you both!