Sometimes Photographers Get Photographed

I don't usually like to get my picture taken. But every now and then, I get in the mood to update my profile picture. I spend a lot of time working to give other people nice profile pictures (well, I can imagine/hope they probably use their portraits for more than Facebook), but I have very few pictures of myself that I really like. So yesterday evening, at approximately 7:15pm, I put on a yellow dress, took Joey away from his chemistry homework, and got some portraits taken! One day I'm going to hire someone to do this, but for now I think Joey does an excellent job- I like to think it has something to do with my teaching, but he's a natural ;)

(In case someone has never seen it, this is what my natural hair looks like... when it's been tamed!)

Might I point out that I've never been as pale during the summer as I am now, but these B&W images make me feel a little better about this fact- I would have been horrified by it in the past. The upside? Better skin! (I hope!)

And a self portrait of the two of us to end the night :)

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