Rohama's Homecoming

I had the chance to experience something awesome this past Saturday. After years of waiting, a sweet baby girl from Ethiopia came home to America for the first time with her new Daddy, Mike. She was met by her new mom, Liv, and two big sisters, Ada and Evie, as well as a whole bunch of other people who already love her more than words could say. 

The journey began at the airport in Newark, NJ, with lots of waiting...

I love these little touches & signs of encouragement and anticipation....

Finally, Mike & Rohama were spotted!

There was a woman waiting to pick someone up from the airport- when I stepped back to change lenses, she was wiping tears from here eyes. "Could she be any more beautiful?" She said to me. "Wow- just, wow." She continued. "That little girl is going home with a wonderful family. It's just so... beautiful." 

And you know what? She's right. About all of it. 
God. is. so. good.


I don't want a Lamborghini, I want a lamb. said...

What a beautiful memory book of a day that brought completion to a family with more love and goodness than can possibly be described. God bless you for the fruits of your photographic eye and soul, to be able to chronicle this most amazing event in such a deserving family of five's life together! Much love to you - now I must go wipe my eyes and blow my nose -- tears of joy abaound!

Tierney Cyanne said...

Wow, thank you! What kind words :) And what a privilege for me to be able to be there to capture this special moment so representative of Christ's love at work in a very real way!