Iced Coffee Love & Caffeine Fun

I'm a coffee lover- I don't wake up in the mornings until I've finished a full cup of the darkest roast I can find, flavored with more sugar and cream than I'm comfortable sharing (!). I'd like to take a moment to thank my friend Lauren Mulholland, who sparked my coffee addiction back in 2009- I distinctly remember sitting in Dr. Councill's "Intro. to Music Ed" jittery with caffeine. In my junior year of college, we studied the effects of addiction on the brain. Naturally, we were asked to abstain from consuming caffeinated substances. I woke up at 6:30am that fateful day, DIDN'T drink my cup of morning coffee, sat through biology in a daze (I was usually pretty peppy), and caved by 10am-- the raging headache I had for the rest of the day was enough to keep me from attempting to do THAT again!  My lab partners weren't shy about proclaiming that I'd "relapsed" during the lab report.

I've got myself down to 2 cups of coffee a day, though large cups, at that! It's not recommended that the average adult consume more than 300 mg. of caffeine a day (mayoclinic). To put that into perspective, a cup of coffe (8 oz.) has about roughly 133 mg. of caffeine in it (CSPI). Chances are the mug you use for your morning coffee holds double that amount! Check out those links if you're curious about how much caffeine you consume on a daily basis- you might be surprised with the things that have caffeine in them!

Anyway, the point of this post is to share this amazing iced coffee recipe I found. Without further ado...

It's pretty simple: Pour 2 cups of ground coffee & 12 cups of water into a large container. Stir! Cover and refrigerate for 8 (or more) hours.

After coffee has been refrigerated, pour through a wire strainer layered with a coffee filter. 

Pour into a glass with ice, add cream and sugar as desired, and ENJOY!

(And hopefully when all is said and done, you have less of a mess than I did...)

Find the recipe I based this deliciousness on here!

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