The Honeymoon : Bermuda

This morning I woke up and told Joey I had a few goals for today: to blog our honeymoon pictures, to get a good amount of work done on editing Weston & Britt's wedding pictures, and to go for a run. This is the first to get crossed off that list! 

The day after the wedding, Joey and I left for Bermuda from the port in NYC. We took a bus from Scranton directly to the ship (we sailed with Norwegian Cruise Line on the "Star"), and that was probably the best decision we could have made... traffic was horrid, people were yelling, the military was there with guns, parking was very expensive, and we had no idea what we were doing... so if you're going on a cruise, I'd suggest you do the same!

We started taking advantage of the room service, breakfast in bed, and comfy bath robes right away :)

And the dining... delicious steak, fried calamari, and tiramisu were among our favorites for the week!

We sailed to Bermuda for 3 days, which gave us plenty of time to explore the ship, get some sun, eat quite a lot of food, go for a jog on the outdoor track, enjoy our balcony (thanks to the Johnson family for the surprise room upgrade), and relax in our room!

Finally, we woke up one morning in BERMUDA! The color of the water got more and more beautiful as we sailed further into the ocean. It was simply gorgeous- it made the sky look dull with its aqua-blue color! We rented a scooter for two making sure we adhered to Bermuda's law-enforced dress code (guys have to wear shirts & bathing suits are only allowed on the beach), put on our helmets (country law, and a good one in my opinion) and headed out to explore the small island!

Some of the first things I noted: chickens ran around like pidgins, EVERYONE rode scooters (the law is only one car per household, and the roads are NARROW), we had to drive on the LEFT side of the road (it's an English island), gas was a little under $10 a gallon (good thing scooters are ridiculously good on gas), and every house and shop was painted a bright, summery color!

We even found some scripture on a stone wall... Jesus being proclaimed in Bermuda! Love it :)

By the way, I was holding coffee in one hand and taking pictures with the other hand while sitting on the back of a scooter... good thing the speed limit is only about 30mph, though we were going around 50 and getting passed right and left by insane bus drivers. There is no law enforcement in that place! BY THE WAY, there is only one KFC on the entire island and NO other "name-brand" places... no Starbucks, no Dunkin Donuts, no McDonald's... which is good I suppose, but you have to really search out a good cup of coffee! 

The beaches were gorgeous. Interestingly, there was quite a bit of trash on them! Joey found a measuring cup and a five-gallon bucket during his frequent snorkeling expeditions. I did not like snorkeling... it felt like drowning. So, while Joey snorkeled, I took pictures of people in very unflattering bathing suits. I hope that doesn't make me an awful person... 

I thought I found a beautiful shell! Until I turned it over...

This is my husband... haha! These pictures of him crack me up so much!

You can see Joey's head peeking up through the water in this one!

Finally, our time in Bermuda came to a close and we sailed home. The water in NY was disgusting in comparison to the water in Bermuda. It was an AMAZING adventure, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone thinking about cruising! The 3 days in Bermuda gave us plenty of time to explore and get a feel for the island. Joey, I love you! Thank you for this honeymoon, and I wake up every morning and wonder how it's real that we are married and get to enjoy the time we have here on earth together! I am so very richly blessed. 

(Tell me Joey's suitcase isn't the most hilarious luggage container. When he got out of the car with it before we left and it popped open, spilling out his clothing, I knew we were in for quite an adventure with that thing...)

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Megan said...

Beautiful, as always. My favorite is the fourth one down. :)