Micah & Theresa : Married!

When I arrived at the New Life Church of Hershey the morning of May 5, 2012,  it was quiet and still-- but a tangible excitement filled the air. The sanctuary awaited the arrival of the guests and was prepared for the ceremony to begin in just a few hours.

Upstairs, Joey (my assistant and second shooter for the day) and I found the girls and Theresa, the bride. They were gathered around different mirrors prepping their hair and makeup, though they could be seen moving from room to room, checking in on each other and sharing smiles and words of anticipation. The bride's mother served as her hairstylist and makeup artist for the occasion.

While the girls got ready, we took some shots of the dresses in an area outside the church. The setting was perfect and tied in the nature-inspired feel of the wedding.

Meanwhile, Micah and the groomsmen had arrived. The groom looked handsome in a pinstriped suit.

The bride slipped into her dress, and with the help of her attendants she put on the finishing touches. Everyone approved of the wedding gown Theresa had snagged at a vintage shop. It had been altered by Theresa's mother, and fit perfectly.

At last, it was time for the ceremony to begin! The bridesmaids made their way down the aisle...

I didn't need to check to see when Theresa began her way into the sanctuary with her father- the look on Micah's face said it all. 

Before beginning the service, Theresa had a touching moment with her father. When she was a little girl, he had given her a necklace symbolizing that he, first, had held her heart. As he was about to give her away to be married, she shared with him that she had sewn that necklace into the tie he was wearing- she would always be his beloved little girl.

After the ceremony, there was time for some fun family photos outside the church...

Next, we headed to the park to frolic in the grass and, oh yeah, capture some portraits of the bridal party and of the new couple!

The last leg of the day (aka the reception!) took place at Acorn Farms. Friends and family had enjoyed appetizers and fellowship while awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom. Lavender and burlap, twinkling lights, and mason jar centerpieces tied the nature-themed wedding together. A family style dinner was served, and the guests enjoyed being photographers as they had fun using the disposable cameras at every table!

The time came to say goodbye, and everyone headed outside to see the bride and groom off. Dried lavender (a genius and great smelling alternative to rice) was tossed at the get-away. One last embrace from mom, and the couple drove off into a beautiful sunset... which I failed to capture a picture of :( 

{ Imagine epic sunset photo here. Image happy couple living it up on a honeymoon in Florida. The end! }

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