Sweet Caroline

A sweet little girl named Caroline recently celebrated her 4th birthday, and her fabulous mom Amanda (and dad Todd) threw her the birthday bash of the year! It was "rainbow" themed- see if you can spot all the little rainbow-inspired details. I'll let you know in advance that they are A LOT of them! I seriously think this party was as detail-oriented as some weddings are, and it was not in vain. Rest assured, it was a sugar coated, rainbow filled, sticky finger, (nose-picking) good time ;)  Happy birthday, Caroline!

We started the day off with a few portraits of the birthday girl! Her first reaction was, "Mom, I don't want any pictures!" But she warmed up quickly, thanks to the help of my wonderful friend and Caroline's babysitter, Lacey! 

Meanwhile, decorations had been put up and the rainbow juice was ready to be poured...

Friends started to arrive, and the party began!

Presents, anyone? (Trust me- everyone wanted to be "in" on the present opening! You could call it a small riot ;) 

And finally, it was time to cut the cake!

Sugar, anyone?

The time was drawing near to say goodbye. But before doing so, the grand finale was revealed- rainbow candy in treat bags for everyone to take home! I bet all the parents were loving Amanda right now ;)

One last lap around the yard, and then it was time to crash in mom's arms! Thanks for a VERY amusing and memorable experience, Amanda & Caroline! I can't wait to see what next year's party will be like :)

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I love this! May I buy a small album?