Anniversary Gifts from a TRULY Observant Man

About a month ago I began expressing my need for a macro lens. I love my 50mm, but it just doesn't have to ability to focus close enough to capture the delicate beauty of an engagement ring, for example. So I did my research, and came up with what seemed to be one of the most highly recommended macro lenses out there: the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro. I sent Joey a few emails containing my findings and talked it over with him. He said, "Maybe after I get my tax return we can look into buying one." Yesterday (the day before our one year anniversary) I dreamed about camera lenses. I knew Joey had gotten me something special that I was "going to love." For some reason, I couldn't help but wonder and hope that maybe my dream was somewhat accurate, and that I would soon be the owner of a new lens! When Joey presented me with a BEAUTIFUL new camera bag, I was certainly not disappointed. My dream, I thought to myself, had been somewhat accurate! Later that night, Joey told me there was something else on the way, and to check my mail. Excited, I went to bed once again wondering what it could be. This afternoon I received a notification that a package had arrived for me. I let out a loud squeal of joy and quickly threw on some warm clothes to head to the campus mailroom. When I saw the B&H packaging, I couldn't help but smile and rush away with my unopened package to discover what was inside....

... IT WAS A NEW LENS! I texted Joey a million "THANK YOU!!!"s (since he's at work and can't talk on the phone) and abandoned my other tasks to head outside into the freezing cold. I stuck my engagement ring in a few different trees and bushes, trying to ignore the confused looks from passing students and professors.

I cannot believe how blessed I am to be engaged to a man who studies and observes me, knowing that to give me a camera lens for our one year anniversary would be a perfect sign to me of his desire to grow and walk with me for the rest of our days. He is truly a gift from God, challenging me to grow and live with reckless abandon for the One who is TRULY worth studying, observing, following, loving, living and dying for. 

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