Oh, the Wonders of Camera RAW Editing :)

I took this picture on an extremely sunny day. It was a really fun and interesting photo shoot because Bethel (the lovely lady in this picture) also does photography. I tried a lot of shots I wouldn't normally do because I wouldn't normally expect them to turn out. However, I've discovered that editing in camera RAW through Adobe bridge can really enhance the photos in a natural way while preserving image quality, so I'm more apt to just take the daring shot (daring by my standards, anyway) and experiment with it later! Take a look at the original next to the edited. 

This is also proof that the camera itself does not produce a "good" image. Yes, the camera, lens, and photographer's ability to snap a "good," clean image is certainly important, but photos do not generally look their best straight from the memory card. Editing takes an extremely long time (especially if you're meticulous, like I am) and makes a huge impact on the final image. For example, the first image of Bethel is alright, but there's really something unexpectedly magical about the second. So when you wonder why photographers charge what seems to be much more than the 1 or 2 hours you spend with them getting the pictures taken is worth, remember that the work behind the scenes takes about 5 times as long to do, and that the editing is just as important as the session. Just a little insight into the world of photography, since I guess I understand a few things about it and always appreciate when people give me a taste of their world! Like my fiance Joey's work world of nursing--- yikes. BOY, did I underestimate that career path! 

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